…from 1902


The idea was born from the bakery Raffaele tunity when, in 1902 in Ruvo di Puglia, decided to raise the housewives from the hard work of making bread at home, which at the time was mixed weekly at night only to be fired at dawn.

This activity feedback from immediate success, so much so that, being passed down from generation to generation, has continued to the present day, in the expanded and more modern premises in Ruvo di Puglia.

The success of the Bakery Cascione is the result of a management constantly oriented to quality, utmost care in meeting the needs of its customers, the selection of raw materials, and especially to care for each phase of the process, that every day is characterized by fragrant baked goods such as bread, rolls, buns, breadsticks, stuffed pizzas, calzones and many other specialties.