Quality control

Controllo qualità Panificio cascione

igiene e qualitàOur priority is to achieve high-quality products, ensuring the safety and wholesomeness of the food themselves, in full compliance with the existing legislation on food hygiene and traceability, as required by HACCP.

The Plan for Self carried out by the Food Bakery Cascione is guaranteed by:     training of staff nutritionist;

  •      internal audits carried out at the Company;
  •      analytical tests carried out on samples of food matrices on the machined surfaces and hands of the operators;
  •      chemical, physico-chemical and microbiological water;
  •      measurements of the temperatures of refrigeration systems with instrument calibration certificate ACCREDIA

These analytical tests are carried out periodically by Dr CANNILLO Rosa and Dr ALBRIZIO Clementina of  Igiene e Qualità snc, Via XXIV Maggio n. 39-70033 Corato (Ba), which verified compliance with the operating procedures and the quality of the products examined, issuing appropriate audit reports.


nisi & c. synthesyPeriodically audit reports are made by major companies specialized in the control of food safety and environmental safety, such as the Nisi & c. Synthesy, with optimal outcomes. This provides our customers with products of genuine, safe and meets the sanitary and hygiene required by national regulations.